Van Carpet Lining at Revampavan for all makes and models

Superb Trimming at great prices!


Trimming can make or break a van; done properly it will add value and style but done badly, it can ruin an expensive project and de-value a van.


Our method of trimming is unique and a cut above the rest so don't leave it to chance, let the PRO's do it for you!


We don't just ply and carpet like most others, we trim your original panels to give you removable panels so you can access behind panels for wiring and maintenance.


Trimming is carried out to the highest possible standard.  The minimum amount of ply wood is used to maximise the usable space inside your van.  There are minimal joins, usually no more than two, as we use a complete piece of fabric for each side of the van.  All fixings are discrete and out of sight.


There are lots of people who will trim your van but only we will do it this well!


Revampavan customers always receive compliments on the high quality of their trimmed vans!


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Flooring samples





Removable panels from a T5, makes access

for wiring or maintenance quick and easy.