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The original high lifting, low profile poptop roof. Suitable for T5/T6 vans the the Hilo roof is the perfect solution if you’re looking for extra headroom and sleeping space without compromising on the look of your van.

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As an established brand of 35 years, Reimo scissor hinged roofs are our most popular roof.  The bellows are made from canvas, which need to be dried out if wet and the ‘windows’ can fully zip open or left part open, leaving a mesh to stop the insects from coming in.  The top of the roof inside is made from a faux suede fabric and the bed is on gas struts that can be pushed up when not in use.  Overall a great roof and good choice for medium budgets.

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Widely considered a premium scissor hinged roof, the SCA comes in Start, Comfort and High options.  The Start roof has a locking strap system, the Comfort has a rotary tumbler lock system and the high has 2 Southco locks with safety straps.  The gas strut roof beds in the start and comfort a single bunk panel and the High has a slatted bed with aluminium frame.  The SCA Comfort and SCA high have a folding mechanism which pulls the tent fabric inwards whereas the Start doesn’t. There are a lot of options for the SCA making it our premium budget roof.


Manufactured in the UK, Austops are our recommended budget scissor hinged roof.  The bellows are made from a sail fabric which fairs well in rainy conditions and the ‘windows’ have one zip option of having just the mesh or fully closed.  We carpet line the inside of the roof and similar to the German designs the roof has a gas strut bed which lifts up when not in use.  A highly recommended pop top roof if your budget is limited.

Reimo Roof Green Van

The Reimo Roof


The SCA Roof

The SCA Roof

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The Austops Roof


Reimo Interior Finish


SCA Interior Finish

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Austops Interior Finish


SCA ElevatingRoofDeluxeCanvasProtector

SCA Fabric Guard

Helps to prevent the fabric getting caught within the scissor hinge system.